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 How To Make The Most Out of Online Bingo

Bingo has been around in various forms for centuries now. The games that are played in bingo halls across the country aren’t much different to those that were played when the first dedicated venues came about in the ‘60s and ‘70s in the UK, and are even similar to the earliest known examples like the Italian lottery.

The internet age has changed things quite drastically however. The majority of people who play bingo these days have never stepped foot in a bingo hall, rather they’ll have only played online bingo on one of the hundreds of UK bingo sites. For impartial reviews of the best bingo sites visit Two Big Ladies.

The online version is even easier to play as the numbers on your cards are automatically dabbed for you by the software. This means you can sit back and not worry about “sleeping” a bingo. The aim of the game is still as simple and timeless – players are given or buy cards with a random selection of numbers on them, which are dabbed off as they’re called out until someone gets bingo, which often means marking of all the squares on a card.

The choice of online bingo sites today is truly huge, from household names like Mecca and Gala to Foxy Bingo and Costa Bingo. As a new player you can try out as many as you want and see what works for you. Lucky Rainbow Bingo and Cozy Games have a good reputation in the market; some networks are better at games while others do the social and side-game aspect better.

You can maximise your potential winnings by looking for the best first-time deposit bonuses. Essentially you deposit a certain amount up to a specified limit and the site will match it. Mecca Bingo offers a 400% bonus up to £500 and Luck Rainbow Bingo will give you as £5 Love2Shop Voucher as well as a 200% bonus and 96 free bingo tickets. Shop around for some great deals.

Because there are plenty of freeplay rooms and offers, this free money can go very far. Most games charge 5p or 10p per bingo card so you can end up with many hours’ worth of games after you’ve claimed your free bonus.

Think about playing less popular games so your winnings are split with less people. Look at playing less common variants like 30- and 80-ball or playing early in the morning or looking in the chatrooms to see if there’s a lot of activity. Plenty of sites will let you see how many players are involved in each game.

Making the most out of online bingo is not all about financial gains. The social aspect is very strong and the online bingo community is generally a friendly and accommodating place. You can make some great buddies and improve your overall wellbeing by playing, just don’t overdo it!

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